Much more goes into raising happy, healthy pets than just medicine and vaccinations! Our pets need love, care, proper nutrition, and discipline to make them the best companions they can be. If you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s behavior, eating habits, weight, etc., simply schedule an appointment with your vet.


Behavioral issues can occur for a variety of reasons, so it’s important that we consider what the source could be as a team. First, we take a look at the patient for any medical issues that could have been the source of behavior problems. For example, bladder infections typically cause pets to mess inside where they did not mess before. We make any necessary medical recommendations, and we also present training program options for pets who need assistance with behavior correction.


We want to ensure your pet is growing according to they way they should and maintaining a healthy weight. From dietary allergies to diabetes, we know each pet has different medical needs and concerns that might require prescription assistance. We help you meet any nutritional challenges you may have with a plan you and our family can stick to to help your pet.

Contact Gateway Animal Hospital today and schedule your pet’s first appointment. We look forward to helping you!