During a routine wellness exam, it’s not uncommon for our vet to decide further tests need to be done. Whether we need to test a sample of your pet’s blood, skin, hair, feces, or urine, we can do so onsite with our laboratory. We offer the following tests:

Complete Blood Count

Your pet’s red blood cell, white blood cell, and platelet counts all provide information to our staff about your pet’s health. We can diagnose anemia, infections, and even leukemia with this information. Those of you with pets undergoing treatment can also monitor how they are progressing with this info.


Testing your pet’s urine allows us to find illnesses, infections, diabetes, dehydration, and kidney problems. We can also discover the best way to treat your pet based on this information.

Blood-Chemistry Panel

A blood-chemistry panel is a way to measure the enzymes, electrolytes, and the chemical elements contained in your pet’s blood. With this, our veterinary staff can determine how your pet’s organs are functioning. We can also monitor your pet’s response to treatment during these panels.

Feline Immunodeficiency Diseases

Our vet may recommend that your cat be tested for feline immunodeficiency virus or feline leukemia virus. A simple blood sample is all that is needed to diagnose this type of virus.


If your pet has taken a fall of some kind, we need to know if there are any broken bones. Allow our x-ray system to check that everything is where it should be.

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