Both dogs and cats are susceptible to infection from parasites. When left untreated, pets can suffer immensely — as can our families. Parasitic illnesses can infect people, especially through interaction with infected furry friends. Make sure to contact Gateway Animal Hospital for testing and ensure that your pet is not struggling with an internal or external parasite.

Intestinal Parasites

Even when pets have normal-appearing feces, their intestines may not be healthy. We require a microscopic look at your pet’s feces to ensure there are no visible parasites. Some parasitic illness symptoms include diarrhea, poor hair coat, decreased appetite, vomiting, and a pot belly. Reach out to us today for proper testing.


These pests can be particularly tough on our furry friends. They are transmitted through mosquito bites, and they can cause heart and lung disease that can lead to death if left untreated. We provide education to our clients as well on how to prevent heartworms from ever infecting their pets.

External Parasites

Fleas and ticks are nothing to scoff about! With the risk of contact increasing by the day, our pets can contract Lyme disease or other infections.

Contact us today for flea and tick prevention, as well as treatment.