Each day, it’s estimated that 70,000 puppies and kittens are born in the US. Of those little ones, only about 40 percent of them are adopted and cared for. At Gateway Animal Hospital, we know that we can do our part to prevent overpopulation of dogs and cats. We offer spaying and neutering services for your pets that need it most.

While spaying and neutering eliminates the ability of patients to reproduce, it can also help owners handle their pet’s behavioral issues better. Intact males tend to be aggressive, and male cats spray in their effort to claim their territory. Females go into heat and often change in temperament and vocalization. Prevent your beloved pet from becoming aggressive, territorial, and loud by choosing to spay and neuter them at a young age.

Finally, spaying and neutering can help with health problems common it cats and dogs. These pets are less prone to diseases including testicular cancer or prostate enlargement in males, as well as breast cancer in females. We want to help prevent these diseases and make sure all the animals in our community remain as healthy as possible.

Please give us a call today to schedule your pet’s spaying and neutering services.