Why Annual Pet Check-Ups Are Important

Pets are amazing. Whether it’s a traditional pet, like a dog or cat, or something a little out of the ordinary, we all love our pets no matter what. We pamper them, give them treats, and smother them in love and affection from the second we wake up till the moment we fall asleep. Though we give our pets the world, most of the time, we can actually be doing more for them. Annual veterinarian check-ups are highly recommended for pets of every species and variety. In this blog, Gateway Animal Hospital will help you understand why taking your pet to the vet on a regular basis will boost their overall health and help them live a long, happy life. Read on to figure out how a yearly trip to your local veterinarian will benefit your pet.

Regular Health Screeningsdog sitting in front of book

Just like humans, animals can develop harmful diseases that may cause serious health concerns when not treated right away. When you take your pet to the vet on a regular basis, you’ll be giving them health screenings that can catch harmful diseases early, increasing your pet’s odds of receiving proper care, and getting rid of the disease altogether. Kidney disease, cancers, and heart conditions can all be caught before they have a chance to develop into a serious problem and taken out or treated by simple means. Not only does this save your pet’s life, but it will save you money on treatment costs.

Access To Professional Medicine

Of course, there are at home remedies that can help for certain ailments when it comes to pets or animals in general, but to truly know what kind of sickness or disease your pet has, and be able to treat or cure them, taking them to a vet is the only way to know for sure. Your local vet will be able to properly diagnose your pet and give them professional-grade medicines to help them recover. Giving your pet annual veterinarian exams will give them a better chance at staying healthy for the entirety of their lives.

Keeping Up On Shots

Just like humans, pets need to have their immunizations done early and often to help them stay healthy for a long time. Paired with health screenings, shots will help boost your pet’s resistance to certain diseases. Some shots are over and done with after a single visit, but others require multiple visits in order to receive a full inoculation against the targeted disease. Your pet may not be able to say it, but they’ll thank you for giving them the best odds at a long and healthy life.

Other Benefits Of Annual Vet Visits

  • Proper Spaying/Neutering
  • Chip Placement And Services
  • Dietary Information
  • Chronic Disease Prevention
  • Pregnancy/Delivery Services
  • Teeth Cleaning And Nail Clipping
  • Basic Information

If you’re looking for pet services in the Lake City area, then the veterinarians at Gateway Animal Hospital are here to help. Learn about our veterinary services, like spaying and neutering, view our specials for all-around pet health, or contact our Lake City location to find answers to any questions and set up an appointment today.

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